Just feel skafe

Who are we and what are we doing?

Lock 'n' Roll Services is a management and service company without any production. The heart of the company is the engineering. The product provided by Lock 'n' Roll Services is Skafe. This is a system, including a trolley for transporting ski, a locking system for safing ski when they are not needed and used as well as a cashier system.


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Carrying skis on shoulders from one place to another (e.g. parking area/bus terminal to ski-lift station) is very uncomfortable and exhausting.


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Skafe ensures a safe and comfortable transportation of the ski equipment within the winter sport location

  • Ski will be put on Skafe which carries one pair of ski on two wheels
  • Skafe consists of a buck which is connected to a two wheel frame
  • Comfortable way to transfer ski from one place to another without any exertion

Concept: Deposit-Refund-System

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  • Skafe system should be sold to whole ski regions/operators
  • All contact points (bus terminals, ski-lift stations, car parking areas, (bigger) hotels/Apres Ski pub etc.) should be equipped with Skafe stations
  • Skafe stations offer lots of single Skafes for rent (daily fee, via electronically chip)
  • Skafe stations can be used to lock ski for “parking” reasons (to avoid ski theft, e.g. by visiting a apres ski pub after a long skiing day)

Concept: Locking system “Quicklox LOX300”

Image two
  • Chipbased locking system
  • Every lock is connected to a central server
  • The usage can be monitored, a long term optimization of the system and the number of ports and butlers is possible
  • Chip can be used to identify visitors, to grant access to facilities (ski lift, après ski, hotel, wellness), to provide cashless payment in the resort